4 Golfzon simulators integrated into a luxurious interior with a bar and lounge area brings new pleasures rather than a simple driving range.


Over more than 10 years of research, the Golfzon simulator continues to evolve. In collaboration with nearly 2,000 golfers and more than 600 courses, Golfzon engineers developed a simulator that reproduces all the sensations of the field as if you were there.


Newest technology and 3D graphics result in imagery as realistic as if you were really on the course. Exact reproduction of the effects of the wind on the trajectory of the golf balls, weather conditions and rebounds depending on the slope of the course.

Analysis of the trajectory and rotation of the ball by 170 infra-red sensors. Automatic simulation of the real slope of the course by a mobile platform.

SkyTrak, the first personal launch monitor of its kind, is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system.


SkyTrak provides the ability to practice and hit balls with any club in your bag at any time and analyze and display a highly accurate rendering of your ball flight in stunning HD.


SkyTrak is designed with the golf consumer in mind. As a personal launch monitor, SkyTrak enables you to have your own practice range, hit at simulated targets, play challenges, participate in games and enjoy your practice time much more than ever before.

7 practice nets are at your disposal to work your swing throughout the season.


Do not worry if you have any technical questions about your game, a professional team will help you interpret your swing facilitating your training sessions.


Contact Louis at

079 964 19 92

for more information.


*** Parking available on :

40 Rte de Saint Julien et 9 Rue de Plaisance,

1227 Carouge ***

L’Indoor is an indoor golf center where you can train and play your favorite sport.


Practice, analyze your swing and play on the course of your choice on one of 4 Golfzon golf

simulators and 3 Skytrak simulators.


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